2. other classifications and shapes | Forms of the abscess

2. other classifications and shapes

In a descending abscess, the abscess spreads along pre-existing anatomical structures following gravity. They develop mainly in the area of the spinal column. After vertebral body inflammation, the abscess spreads along muscle fasciae and can extend into the muscle fasciae of the thighs.

In the case of a gas abscess, not only does a purulent abscess develop, but gas-forming bacteria also cause gas to form in the abscess cavity. This leads to a significant increase in size and pain in the area of the abscess. A syringe abscess is usually iatrogenic, i.e. medically induced.

If the puncture site has not been properly disinfected before vaccination or other injections into the skin, the bacteria of the normal skin flora can be transported through the needle into the subcutaneous tissue and form an abscess there. This also often occurs with drug addicts who inject their drugs by syringe and often clean hygienic conditions are not given.