Acne Fug OXID/-BP® | Aknefug®

Acne Fug OXID/-BP®

Benzyl peroxide is used for external application of acne, especially for the appearance of nodules and pustule. It has a peeling effect and thus prevents the (re)formation of blackheads. It also inhibits sebum production, which in turn reduces the fat content of the skin.

The growth of acne bacteria is also inhibited, so inflammation subsides quickly. Since benzoyl peroxide belongs to the group of organic peroxides, it is able to “neutralize” free oxygen radicals and thus develop its antibacterial effect. The only side effects are actually hypersensitivity reactions with reddening of the skin, slight burning and scaling of the skin.

However, this has something to do with the mechanism of action of the product. However, the reactions should not become too strong and should not last too long. Pre-existing skin diseases such as dry skin or atopic eczema may increase the risk of these symptoms.

Intense sunlight should be avoided during the treatment. In case of hypersensitivity to peroxides the preparation should not be used. Contact with eyes, eyelids, lips, mucous membranes and irritated skin should be avoided


The drug known under the trade name Aknefug® can be used for mild to moderate acne. It contains among other things the active ingredient dibenzoyl peroxide (benzyl peroxide) and for this reason acts according to the mechanism described above. As a rule, the ointment should be sparingly applied twice a day to moist skin and left to act for about two to three minutes.

Afterwards the preparation has to be thoroughly washed off with warm water. In case of skin reactions like redness, scaling or feelings of tightness it is recommended to reduce the application to every two days. After a few days these side effects will in most cases diminish and the application intervals can slowly be shortened.