Active Organs | Aluminia

Active Organs

Aluminia has a positive effect on the water balance of the body. These include the intestines, kidneys and blood: intestines and kidneys excrete less due to dryness, and the blood volume in the body decreases. The latter is noticeable in women, for example, through a weak menstrual cycle. Aluminia also has an effect on the central nervous system and (less strongly) on the peripheral nervous system. Here it provides relief from paresthesias such as tingling or numbness and delayed, slower perception of sensations and pain.

Common dosage D4, D6, C12

Usually one doses Aluminia in the potency D12 for constipation and then takes five globules twice a day. Exceptions are infants and children, where the potency is usually lower than D6. These globules are then usually taken three times a day until an improvement of the symptoms is noticeable.

In the case of weak and yet tiring menstruation, women and girls can try the application of three globules three times a day in potency D6 until an improvement is noticed. In cases of bleeding gums and jaw pain, a higher potency, such as D30, is required.