Acupuncture during pregnancy


Medical: gestation or gravidity Latin: gravitas – ” the gravity” English: pregnancyAfter the joy of pregnancy, the first questions arise:How does the baby develop from month to month?How do I eat properly?How do I prepare for the birth?Especially with regard to the last question, acupuncture knows how to help, because acupuncture in pregnancy enjoys great popularity and popularity for many problems, such as morning sickness, back pain, headaches and especially with regard to the birth.


In the meantime, about one third of women who are pregnant for the first time already rely on the effect of the small needles (acupuncture needles). Over the past 10 years, acupuncture has become firmly established in pregnancy and birth control. Today, about half of all gynaecological clinics use the Chinese healing method to make this always unique “birth experience” easier for women. In addition to the psychologically balancing acupuncture points, those points that reduce the pain of childbirth and the overall duration of the delivery are stimulated.


Pregnancy complaints such as nausea, vomiting and back pain often considerably restrict the pregnant woman in her everyday life and impair her ability to work or walk. The cause of the complaints is firstly the hormonal change, which causes the tissue in the body to loosen up in order to be as supple as possible for the birth. The consequences are the loosening of tendons, ligaments, joints and also oedema.

At the same time, the weight gain means that the mother-to-be has to carry more and the muscles have to compensate for what the spine can no longer manage due to the loosened supporting apparatus. Pain and tension in the lower back and pelvic area are the result. Acupuncture during pregnancy can provide relief from many of the above mentioned diseases and complaints.


To ensure that mother and child feel completely comfortable during pregnancy, Traditional Chinese Medicine offers the right treatment for every situation. There are the Chinese dietetics, which optimally care for and build up mother and child before and also after the birth, the Chinese medicines, which can be used when the pregnant woman tends to nausea, tiredness or susceptibility to colds or the unborn child becomes too restless, and of course acupuncture, which can quickly and without side effects alleviate the small discomforts caused by the major changes in the mother-to-be’s body in every phase of pregnancy.

Side effects

Some women get problems with circulation during acupuncture in pregnancy . One reason for this can be a general “fear of needles” in addition to the purely physical causes. It is therefore helpful to perform the treatment half sitting, half lying with slightly elevated legs.

However, the circulatory reaction usually disappears with further treatment, because the body gets used to acupuncture and the patient knows better what to expect during the second session. After acupuncture, the punctured area may be slightly reddened or a small bruise may appear. Both are completely harmless and disappear by themselves.