Acupuncture forms


In addition to the generally known body acupuncture where fine disposable needles are inserted into the previously determined acupuncture points along the meridian system, there are various other measures by which this effect can be intensified.

Skull Acupuncture

Yamamoto skull acupuncture (YNSA), for example, is a proven method in which only points on the head, e.g. on the forehead and temples, are needled. This variant of acupuncture is used for many acute and chronic diseases, often also for paralysis and neurological disorders. The doctor determines the points to be treated by means of special palpation and pressure diagnostics on the skull, stomach and neck. Besides acupuncture, the points can also be stimulated by heat (moxibustion) or massaged (acupressure).


Moxibustion is much more important in China than in European acupuncture. Nearly all diseases are treated there with combination therapy. Moxibustion literally means “burning moxa” and is a targeted combination of heat and pharmaceutical therapy.

Moxa is dried mugwort or wormwood (lat. : Artemisia vulgaris). In this application, a “moxa cone” can be applied directly to the skin and burned off (direct moxibustion) or an insulating intermediate layer can be inserted or stimulated with a so-called “moxa cigar” held over the points (indirect moxibustion). The strong smell of moxa smoke, which lingers for days in the rooms, is not easily tolerated by everyone.

Cupping and cupping head massage

Cupping and cupping massage can also support acupuncture as they exert a healing stimulus on the chosen body region, relieve muscle tension and have a positive effect on internal organs. Cupping is a form of therapy in which cupping heads are applied to acupuncture points or diseased areas, mainly made of glass, and heat is used to create a negative pressure at this point. This creates a suction and thus an increased blood circulation of the skin area. In the past this technique was mainly used to draw blood and pus from wounds.

Laser Acupuncture

One of the special forms of acupuncture is laser acupuncture, in which the acupuncture points are treated with a soft laser beam. Pain does not occur during this treatment. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of sensitive areas of the body, in cases of pronounced weakness, fear of needles and children.

Trigger point acupuncture

In trigger point acupuncture, certain muscle areas responsible for pain are stimulated with the needle to provide local muscle relaxation.

Ear acupuncture

In 1951, the French doctor and acupuncturist Paul Nogier discovered that it was possible to prove that the ear influences the entire organism. Ear acupuncture was born. All functional illnesses as a supplement to body acupuncture, pain therapy, psychological and psychosomatic illnesses as well as addictions (smoking, eating addiction, alcohol) can be specially treated with ear acupuncture.