Adductor machine

The adductors are located on the inner side of the thigh muscles and bring the knee joints together (adduction in the hip joint). However, the training of the adductors is often overshadowed by the training with leg press, because many athletes connect the M. quadrizeps femoris with the thigh training. In the field of fitness, this exercise is more often used by women and tends to atrophy in men. “They act as an antagonist of the abductor muscles, which are located on the outside of the thigh“. Footballers in particular should integrate training with the adductor machine into their training plan, as the various shooting techniques are not only performed by the thigh extensor.

Trained muscles

In addition, in adduction in the hip joint the: The adductor machine is therefore also suitable for pom muscle training. – Long thigh adductor (M. adductor longus)

  • Short thigh extractor (M. adductor brevis)
  • Large thigh extractor (M. adductor magnus)
  • Slender muscle (M. graciles)
  • Pectinous muscle (M. pectineus). – gluteus maximus muscle (M. gluteus maximus)
  • Hip lumbar muscle (M. iliopsoas)

Here you get to the musculature overview

  • Tailor muscleMusculus sartorius
  • Internal thigh muscleMusculus vastus medialis
  • Slender muscleMusculus gracilis

The athlete sits on the device, the feet are fixed to the pressure points of the device.

The lower back muscles are pressed against the backrest. The hands hold on to the handles of the machine for stabilization. In the starting position, the guide of the adductor machine pushes the thighs apart.

By contracting the adductor muscles, the thighs are actively brought together and then slowly returned in the eccentric phase. The number of repetitions depends on the performance level and the training goal. The movement is opposite to the abductor machine, and these two machines should follow each other in the training plan. As can be seen in the diagram, the training of the adductors can be performed in a standing position with the help of an expander.


Since the athlete also completes the movement fixed in one device, a variation is hardly possible. However, the training of the adductors and abductors can be done as a competition with a partner, in which one athlete tries to squeeze the other’s thighs and the other tries to prevent it. In doing so, the muscle groups are statically stressed and the competition additionally promotes motivation.