Aesthetic Fitness

Definition- What is Aesthetic Fitness?

Aesthetic Fitness is a term used in the fitness and bodybuilding scene. Aesthetic Fitness belongs to the world of bodybuilding. The word aesthetic means tasteful or beautiful.

Bodybuilding” describes sport with the goal of active body shaping. The growth of muscle mass is essential and is achieved through strength training. The word bodybuilder is less used nowadays, but theoretically, instead of Aesthetic Fitness, one could also say Aesthetic Bodybuilding.

In principle, it is about training the muscles so that they do not look so small, not too big, but just right. The interpretation is not as subjective as it may sound here. Aesthetic Fitness requires credibly pronounced musculature. This means that the corresponding athletes are characterized by a muscular appearance.


In Aesthetic Fitness, the main goal is to create a muscular body that looks tasteful and aesthetic through targeted training. In doing so, one does not train towards an extreme goal of massive muscles, as in conventional bodybuilding, but towards a sensual, defined body. The goal is to build up a defined musculature that looks beautiful. This topic might also be of interest to you: Natural Bodybuilding – what is it?

How and where can you do Aesthetic Fitness?

In order to do Aesthetic Fitness, it is essential to build up muscles and reduce fatty tissue. This is how you create a defined body. This means that, depending on your current body weight, endurance training may be necessary to break down excess fat.

For this purpose, you can use a cross-trainer or treadmill in the gym, go jogging in the open air, swim, ride a bike or similar. Strength training is necessary for the muscles to be effective. You train all the major muscle groups.

To create an aesthetic appearance, it is important to train the whole body. The legs must be trained in the same way as the arms, so that everything looks harmonious and beautiful. You can do strength training in your own fitness room or in a gym.

It can be useful to sign up in a gym and discuss your goals with a qualified trainer and work out a specific training plan. Following the plan can make it easier to train all muscle groups equally and not do comfortable exercises more often than the unloved ones. In addition, you can do fitness and strength exercises outdoors, like the popular “Freeletics” or high intensity interval training (HIIT), which you can do at home or in the gym.

What all belongs to Aesthetic Fitness?

Aesthetic Fitness basically describes a modern style of most gym-goers. Real, extreme bodybuilding is done less than going to the gym regularly to look simply beautiful. Since strength training is a prerequisite for Aesthetic Fitness, it includes visits to the gym, home gym or outdoor strength exercises, such as Freeletics. Modern HIIT (high intensity interval training) is also part of Aesthetic Fitness. Everything that creates an aesthetic muscular body can be counted as part of Aesthetic Fitness.