Aftercare | Surgery after an external ankle fracture


After successful surgery of the external ankle fracture, an early functional follow-up treatment can take place, i.e. the mobility of the ankle joint can be trained while relieving the operated leg. A lower leg cast is only necessary in the case of extensive fractures. The inserted wound tubes (Redon drainages) are removed on the 2nd postoperative day.

This is followed by an initial X-ray check. The sutures are pulled on the 12th postoperative day after the wound has healed. For a total of at least 6 weeks, mobilisation has to be carried out on two crutches forearm crutches with relief of the operated leg.

(Some authors see the possibility of partial loading of 10-20 kg or full loading in a special shoe (e.g. Variostabil)). At the end of the 6th postoperative week, after removal of a possibly inserted set screw and depending on the radiological follow-up, a load increase up to full weight bearing can be started. Physiotherapeutic exercise treatment to promote strength and mobility is recommended.

The metal (plate, screws) is removed after approx. 1 year.