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Age spots on the hand

Age spots occur preferentially on skin areas that are frequently exposed to the sun. These include the hands, whereby the backs of the hands are often affected. It does not matter whether it is while working or walking outside: The backs of the hands are usually exposed to a lot of sunlight.

In contrast to most other parts of the body, the skin is not usually protected by clothing. In addition, the backs of the hands are often left out even when using a sunscreen. As a rule, age spots on the hand affect both hands. If the skin changes only or mainly on one hand, there may also be another cause for the spots. In such a case you should have them examined by your family doctor or dermatologist to rule out a possible disease requiring treatment or at least to detect it in time.

When do you start getting age spots?

Age spots occur, as the name already suggests, mainly at a higher age. From the age of about 60 years, age spots are found on the skin of most people. In some cases, however, they also appear from around the age of forty.

In spite of this averagely clear connection of the skin symptoms with age, age spots appear in some people already at a young age, without this having any disease value. If many age spots already appear in early years, a further increase of these skin changes can be expected with increasing age. However, some people have no or very few age spots on their bodies even when they are over 70.

In addition to the exposure to sunlight during the course of life, hereditary influences such as skin type are also responsible for these sometimes considerable differences in age from which age spots appear. Age spots are benign pigment changes of the skin. They occur more frequently in advanced age and are most noticeable on the hands.

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