Aloe vera juice | Aloe vera

Aloe vera juice

Aleo-vera gel diluted with water is called juice. Usually the gel is extracted first and then water is removed from it. This dry concentrate has a long shelf life.

By adding water, the aloe vera juice is produced. There are also fresh juices available in the shops, not made from concentrate and often in organic quality. The effect of aloe vera is scientifically proven only when used internally as a laxative in the anthraquinone-containing (aloin and aloe emodin) preparation.

Aloe has also been approved as a medicine. The strong irritant effect and the suspicion that the active substance could be carcinogenic will have to lead to the recommendation to resort to other laxatives. Aloe vera gel is classified as an anthraquinone-free product in the food supplements.

A wide variety of products containing extracts of aloe vera are available on the market. From drinking gel in different flavours to body care cream, sun cosmetics and animal care products.