Alternative forms of therapy | The nutritional therapy of ADHS

Alternative forms of therapy

AFA – Algae therapy

This is a blue-green alga from the American Klamath Lake in Oregon. As a so-called spirit power they promise a better ability to concentrate, which makes them suitable for ADHD. Although such preparations contain a high proportion of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements, scientific confirmation in the case of ADHD is still missing.

The basis of this form of diet is the assumption that ADHD or ADHD is caused or partly caused by an allergy to food. This is not based on individual underlying allergies, but rather restricts the food intake to a few basic foods, which usually trigger allergies only very rarely. In the course of diets, more and more foods are then added, but foods that are suspected of exacerbating the syndromes in a particular way (peanuts, wheat products, chocolate, corn, citrus fruits) are avoided. If you decide to follow this type of diet, you should make sure that your diet is not too one-sided.

Diet according to Feingold

The basis of this type of diet is the assumption that ADHD is caused by preservatives or colour and aroma additives in food. Avoiding these foods is therefore the basis of this diet.

Diet based on oats

The basis of this type of diet is the assumption that ADHD is triggered and partly caused by a phosphate-rich diet. All foods with a high phosphate content should therefore be avoided. Scientific studies have not been able to sufficiently prove the benefit of diets with regard to the therapy of ADHD / ADHD, even though some people affected sometimes speak of an improvement and alleviation of the problem.

Diets always carry the risk that the diet is too one-sided. Therefore, it should be expressly pointed out at this point. In addition, it is currently not clearly foreseeable to what extent the diets have a positive effect on the ADHD symptoms in individual cases. Furthermore, the effect of AFA – algae therapy in particular has not been scientifically proven, and in some places warnings are even issued against this form of therapy.

Other forms of therapy

The additionally mentioned forms of therapy are not superfluous, even with drug therapy. The drugs should always be used as part of an overall therapeutic strategy – as a combination with home therapy, psychotherapeutic and curative education therapy and/or nutritional therapy.