Alternative forms of therapy | The nutritional therapy of ADS

Alternative forms of therapy

AFA – Algae therapy

In the context of this form of therapy, it is a matter of preparations which contain in concentrated form components of blue-green algae from the American Klamath Lake in Oregon. They promise you an improved ability to concentrate (Spirit Power). The scientific confirmation of an effect is still missing here, but these preparations contain a high proportion of enzymes, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.

Oligo – Antigens – Diet (diet according to Egger)

This type of diet is based on the assumption that the cause of ADS is a food allergy. In this case, however, the cause is not researched with regard to allergenic substances, which then have to be avoided, but the food intake is limited to a minimum of food, which only in rare cases causes allergies (= basic food). If this dietary selection goes well, specific “critical” foods are successively integrated into the dietary plan.

Other foods that are suspected of aggravating the respective symptoms of ADHD are completely removed from the dietary plan. Whether and to what extent this form of diet is effective cannot be evaluated in general. However, care must be taken to ensure that the diet is not too one-sided and that other problems do not arise as a result.

Diet according to Feingold

The basis of the diet according to Feingold is the assumption that ADS is triggered or partly caused by colourings, preservatives and flavour additives. In the context of the diet, an intake of these substances is avoided.

Diet based on oats

As with the other dietary forms described, the aim is to avoid the ingestion of certain substances that are suspected of triggering ADHD or negatively influencing its symptoms. The diet for oats assumes that ADS is triggered and thus intensified by a diet containing too much phosphate. Consequently, the diet plan bans all substances that contain too much preservatives.

Other forms of therapy

The additionally mentioned forms of therapy are not superfluous, even with drug therapy. The drugs should always be used as part of an overall therapeutic strategy – as a combination with home therapy, psychotherapeutic and curative education therapy and/or nutritional therapy. – General information on dealing with the ADHD child, especially information for parents on the therapy of ADHD. – The psychotherapeutic therapy

  • Curative education therapy
  • Drug therapy