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Anti Aging and Vitamins

There are numerous vitamins that can help to reduce the risk of certain diseases. In addition, they can help to give a radiant, younger looking skin. In the following, some important vitamins for anti-aging are listed and what they contain. – Vitamin B2: reduces dryness and itching of the skin -> broccoli, eggs, yoghurt

  • Vitamin B3: is said to provide some protection against skin cancer; maintains the natural skin barrier -> tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, chicken breast, tuna
  • Vitamin B5: moisturizes the skin -> eggs, mushrooms, pulses, fish
  • Vitamin B6: reduces dryness and acne, has hormone regulating effect -> spinach, broccoli, chicken breast
  • Vitamin B7: helps against itching, maintains skin moisture -> soybeans, cauliflower, salmon, almonds, walnuts
  • Vitamin B12: combats hyperpigmentation, which often occurs with age -> Dairy products, eggs, meat, seafood
  • Vitamin C: combats damage to the skin caused by UV radiation; reduces pigmentation disorders -> kiwi, berries, oranges, grapefruit
  • Vitamin D: supports the cell renewal of the skin -> cheese, yoghurt, salmon
  • Vitamin E: ensures firmness of the skin, lightens pigmentation spots, reduces wrinkles -> wheat, shrimps, avocados
  • Vitamin K: supports skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles -> chicken, cauliflower, spinach

Anti Aging Shampoo

Not only our skin changes with age, but also our hair. The drop in hormones such as oestrogen causes hair to become thinner, more brittle and weak. Increased hair loss is also often noticeable.

Since the blood circulation of the scalp also decreases more and more with aging, fewer micronutrients reach the hair. This also results in the hair roots becoming more weak and the hair grows thin and weak. There are now special shampoos that are supposed to reduce the effects of the aging process on the hair.

What they all have in common is that they are gentler and more moisturising than the usual shampoos. They contain neither silicones nor sulphates and do not remove too much moisture from the hair and scalp. There are also hair shampoos and care products that contain hyaluronic acid.

When hyaluronic acid penetrates the hair structure and scalp, it binds more water due to its properties. As a result, hair and scalp are increasingly moistened. An itchy scalp is thus soothed and thin, unstructured hair becomes smoother.

Some shampoos contain caffeine. Caffeine is said to improve blood circulation in the scalp. The better the blood supply to the scalp, the better nutrients reach the hair roots. This reduces hair loss and strengthens thin, brittle hair.

Anti Aging through natural cosmetics

Most anti-aging products attack where a deficiency has arisen due to aging. They contain substances that the body no longer produces on its own or only to a very small extent. Consequently, these are many natural substances that also occur in the body.

A very well-known natural substance is hyaluronic acid. It is found in our connective tissue and has the property of binding many water molecules. This makes the skin look more elastic and smoother.

Furthermore, collagen is one of the natural anti-aging agents. This structural protein also occurs naturally in our connective tissue. It ensures the firmness and flexibility of the connective tissue, which is why it is necessary to strengthen collagen formation and regeneration with increasing age, either through an external supply or stimulation through vitamin A acid.

Another substance that supplies our cells with energy is coenzyme Q10. This vitamin-like substance is also produced less and less by the body itself with increasing age. That is why many anti-aging products supply the skin with this energy supplier.