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Anti Aging through nutrition

A varied, healthy and balanced diet can not only reduce the risk of certain diseases but also delay the ageing process. A simplified distinction is made between foods that contain a lot of antioxidants and those that contain little antioxidants or have a tendency to form free radicals. The latter lead to wrinkles of the skin.

These include meat and other animal foods. Dark berries, green vegetables such as spinach or broccoli and green tea have a high concentration of antioxidants (vitamins A, C and E) which act against oxidative stress under the skin. In addition, fruit and vegetables contain a lot of fibre, which is necessary for a healthy and regular digestion.

Nevertheless, carbohydrates are also part of the diet for a healthy diet. However, you should be careful to consume wholemeal products, as these, like fruit and vegetables, also contain plenty of fibre. Fish and linseed oil contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for maintaining cell membranes in our body. It is also assumed that omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on blood lipid values and thus on the risk of arteriosclerosis. More information about a healthy diet can be found in the following article: How to eat healthy!

How do you do an anti-aging of the skin?

The skin loses much moisture and elasticity with age. As a result, it becomes thinner, drier and wrinklier. The loss of elasticity is caused by cell renewal, which slows down more and more.

This is exactly where Anti Aging attacks. If you want to keep a young skin as long as possible, you should also protect yourself from strong sunlight (UV radiation) as early as possible. Because too much UV radiation can cause the body cells to lose their function and ability to regenerate.

In addition, collagen is broken down, a structural protein that ensures the strength and flexibility of our connective tissue. The nicotine in cigarettes also damages not only the organs but also the skin. The skin of smokers is more prone to early wrinkle formation than that of non-smokers.

Moreover, nicotine promotes the formation of free radicals. Furthermore, one should always pay attention to a healthy diet. As already explained in detail under “Anti Aging through Nutrition”, there are foods that are rich in antioxidants and can counteract oxidative stress.

A balanced supply of these foods can ensure that the skin remains elastic and smooth for longer. In addition, regular exercise is also a good anti-aging remedy. Physical exercise also improves the blood circulation of the skin, which ensures that it is supplied with nutrients and metabolic waste products can be removed.

Certain substances in anti-aging products stimulate cell renewal and supply the skin with moisture. In addition, good anti-ageing products contain protection against sunlight and antioxidants against free radicals. With age, more and more free radicals accumulate, which can lead to the destruction of cells.

Here it is important to reduce these so that cell regeneration can take place. Thus, all measures are aimed at delaying skin aging and eliminating damage to the skin that has already occurred. Wrinkles are smoothed and new wrinkles are prevented.