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Anti-aging refers to all measures that are taken to slow down the aging process of the body and thus possibly extend the life span. The aging process is influenced by various factors both negatively and positively. A very important role is played by a person’s lifestyle, which includes nutrition.

Faster aging is triggered, for example, by a prolonged, one-sided diet of fatty foods, which can greatly reduce life expectancy. In addition, the absorption of various toxins such as alcohol and nicotine leads to the same rapid ageing process. This does not mean, however, that alcohol should not be consumed at all.

Only an extreme consumption of alcohol and nicotine can greatly reduce life expectancy through such a lifestyle. But not only diet but also other ways of life can accelerate the body’s ageing process. These include, for example, chronic sleep deprivation, as the body is not given the opportunity to fully recover.

A further factor influencing the lifespan of a person is, in certain parts, also the genes. If the previous generations in a family have reached a relatively high age, the probability is quite high that the average life expectancy of descendants will also increase. However, this does not mean that children whose parents died early have a low life expectancy.

Rather, a person’s life circumstances are also decisive. In Europe, the average life expectancy is about 74-82 years. The current maximum age is about 120 years. An even higher age has not yet been reached.

How does Anti Aging work?

Anti Aging aims to delay the aging process. The lifestyle of the person plays a decisive role in this. Lifestyle includes nutrition, physical activities, sleep and psyche.

Anti Aging products contain substances that stop the mutations in the mitochondrial genes. These gene mutations in the mitochondria occur as the skin ages. Another very well-known active ingredient is vitamin A acid, which delays skin ageing processes by stimulating collagen formation and reduces those already produced.

Collagen is a structural protein and is found in the connective tissue. It ensures the strength and flexibility of the connective tissue. Since the collagen of the skin decreases with aging and also the new formation works less and less, this is a popular approach of most anti-aging products.

Skin aging is accompanied by the accumulation of oxidative stress. This is the accumulation of free radicals, which is no longer in balance with antioxidants. This imbalance can cause cells to be destroyed by the free radicals. That is why most anti-aging products contain vitamin C and E, which reduce the oxidative stress.

When does aging begin?

The aging process begins around the age of 25. Many people begin to counteract this before or after this age. Amongst other things, they do sports, eat a healthy diet or use certain cosmetics. However, the distribution in the population is also very different here. From people who do nothing or hardly anything at all against the aging process to those who take advantage of all kinds of treatments.