Antibiotic-containing drops for infants and children | Antibiotic eye drops

Antibiotic-containing drops for infants and children

Especially in infants, conjunctivitis of the eyes can easily occur due to the delayed development of the tear ducts. The lack of tear ducts makes it difficult for the tear fluid to drain away, which is why a small “tear lake” can form around the eyes. These in turn favour bacterial infections and inflammations.

Every tenth baby is thus affected by recurring conjunctivitis. Typical symptoms here are also sticky, swollen eyes with purulent or mucous secretions. In these cases, the doctor would try to open the tear ducts with a small probe to allow drainage and prevent recurring conjunctivitis. Eye drops containing antibiotics can also be used for small children.


Eye drops containing antibiotics should not be used if there are already ulcerations of the cornea or if there is an allergy to the medication to be administered.