Antiviral eye drops and ointments


Disturbance of the viral genetic material and thus prevention of the reproduction of the viruses.

Fields of application

The most common viral infections in ophthalmology are caused by the Herpes Zoster virus. If the viral infection is limited to the surface of the eye, the substance trifluridine is usually used, which is taken in the form of an eye ointment or as eye drops 4-6 times a day. If deeper layers of the eye are already affected, the active substance Aciclovir would be preferable, which should be taken as an eye ointment 5x a day (Acic Ophtal, Virupos, Zoliparin, Zovirax).

Side effects

Also with this substance, incompatibility reactions and corneal ulcerations during prolonged use have been described in isolated cases.


In case of existing corneal ulceration or in case of allergic reactions against the substance, antiviral eye drops and ointments should not be taken.