Anxiety disorders D

In the following you will find a list of anxiety disorders which is regularly expanded by us. Practically every letter is a first letter of some anxiety disorder. There are hundreds of anxiety disorders which can be differentiated in the meantime. A list of all disorders that begin with the letter D can be seen below.

Anxiety disorder with the letter D

  • Daemonophobia – fear of demons
  • Defecaloesiophobia – fear of a painful organ illness
  • Deipnophobia – fear of conversation during a meal
  • Dementophobia – fear of going mad
  • Demophobia – fear of crowds and crowded places
  • Dendrophobia – fear of trees
  • Dentophobia – fear of the dentist
  • Dermatopathophobia – fear of skin diseases
  • Dermatosiophobia – fear of skin diseases
  • Dextrophobia – fear of things that are on the right side of the body
  • Diabetophobia – fear of diabetes mellitus
  • Didascaleinophobia – fear of school
  • Dikephobia – fear of justice
  • Dinophobia – fear of dizziness
  • Diplopiphobia – fear of seeing double
  • Dipsophobia – fear of drinking
  • Dishabiliophobia – fear of getting naked in front of someone
  • Domatophobia – the own home, being tied to the own home
  • Domatophobia – fear of houses, being in a house
  • Doraphobia – fear of skin, fur or animal skins
  • Dromophobia – fear of crossing a busy road
  • Dysmorphophobia – fear of disfigurement
  • Dystychiphobia – fear of accidents