Anxiety disorders G

In the following you will find a list of anxiety disorders which is regularly expanded by us. Practically every letter is a first letter of some anxiety disorder. There are hundreds of anxiety disorders which can be differentiated in the meantime. A list of all disorders that begin with the letter G can be seen below.

Anxiety disorder with the letter G

  • Galeophobia – fear of cats
  • Gamophobia – fear of marriage
  • Gelotophobia – fear of laughter
  • Geniophobia – fear of a chin
  • Genophobia – fear of sexual contact
  • Genuphobia – fear of the knee
  • Gephyrophobia – fear of crossing bridges
  • Gerascophobia – fear of aging
  • Gerontophobia – fear of old people
  • Geumaphobia – fear of taste
  • Glossophobia – fear of talking to people
  • Glucodermaphobia – fear of milk skin
  • Gnosiophobia – fear of knowledge
  • Graphophobia – fear of writing
  • Gravidophobia – fear of pregnancy
  • Gymnophobia – fear of nudity
  • Gynaecophobia – fear of women