What is aquafitness?

Aquafitness is a collective term for sports that are performed in water and which train the entire body. The water can be chest deep or even deeper. In addition, the most different materials are used for the training, these can be swimming noodles, rings, belts, dumbbells, discs or an aqua-bike.

The aim of aquafitness is to strengthen the whole body, to train the mobility and coordination and also to train the balance organ. Thereby the water offers the advantage of a training that is easy on the joints. As the movements in the water are somewhat more difficult and an aquafitness course lasts at least 45 minutes, the endurance of the participants is also improved.

Indications for Aquafitness

Aquafitness can help with a wide range of complaints and symptoms and also improves the musculoskeletal system. Particularly in the case of postural weakness of the spine, regular visits to aquafitness can make progress. Aquafitness is particularly recommended for the following illnesses and injuries: Aquafitness can alleviate the pain and thus help to improve your attitude towards life and quality of life.

For tendons, ligaments and joints aquafitness is a very gentle sport. People who often suffer from tension can also expect a significant muscle relaxing effect through aquafitness. Due to the reduced body weight in water, the skeletal muscles have to do less work and tensions can be released more easily.

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  • Osteoporosis
  • Back and joint pain
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular complaints
  • Venous and rheumatic complaints

Aquafitness is also used in the rehabilitation area. After operations or injuries Aquafitness is used to prevent muscle atrophy and to rebuild and strengthen the damaged areas. However, aquafitness is also recommended for people who are not ill or injured. The preventive character of aquafitness is appreciated by many athletes and aquafitness is also becoming more and more popular as a compensation for the stressful everyday life at work.

Who will benefit from aquafitness?

In general, aquafitness is suitable for everyone. Aquafitness helps young people to get a better body feeling and to learn and deepen mobility and coordination in a playful way. The swimming education in primary schools is already a first step towards aquafitness.

For older people, aquafitness is a way to maintain mobility even in old age and to strengthen their general fitness in a gentle and playful way. Beginners of sports will get their money’s worth as well as advanced and experienced athletes. Especially for beginners the properties of the water have further advantages.

The risk of injury to the musculature and skeleton is significantly reduced. The resistance prevents jerky movements and thus the probability of injury is reduced. The variety of Aquafitness offers a solution for everyone.

Even non-swimmers can participate in aquafitness without any problems. You should make sure that the water is as deep as possible and that a swimming noodle is used for safety. Especially people with neck, shoulder or back pain can benefit significantly from aquafitness.

The buoyancy of the water makes the body lighter and reduces the strain on the joints and the supporting apparatus of the body. At the same time, the muscles of the body can be effectively trained and strengthened by the water resistance. Patients with cardiovascular problems can also improve the performance of their cardiovascular system through the targeted use of aquafitness, without risking overloading.

Especially in rehabilitation Aquafitness can be used very well. Aquafitness can also make a good contribution to the goal of weight loss. At water temperatures of 26 to 29 degrees Celsius, the body begins to burn more calories directly after contact with water.

The body does this so that it does not cool down in water. Doing sports in water with dumbbells or paddles also increases calorie consumption. In general it can be said that an aquafitness unit that lasts 45 minutes burns as many calories as a unit twice as long with the same exercises in the air. In addition, due to the reduced attraction, the heavy body of overweight people in the water becomes lighter, resulting in a more pleasant feeling of movement, accompanied by easier movement. To the same extent, pregnant women can benefit from aquafitness and train their body awareness during pregnancy.