Arcoxia 90mg in pregnancy | Arcoxia 90mg

Arcoxia 90mg in pregnancy

Arcoxia® 90 and other active ingredients that inhibit cyclooxygenase 2 should not be taken by women who are trying to become pregnant because the implantation of potential germ cells and their supply could be disrupted. Arcoxia® 90 should also not be used during pregnancy. Although there are no studies on the concrete risk potential of Arcoxia® 90 for humans during pregnancy, animal experiments have shown that Arcoxia and the active ingredient etoricoxib can have a toxic effect.

Although no effects on the fetus or embryo were observed when Arcoxia® 90 (90mg) was administered, the survival rate of unborn babies decreased. Pregnant women should not take Arcoxia® because the risk potential is not known. Especially in the last third of the pregnancy Arcoxia® could lead to weakness in labour and premature closure of the ductus arteriosus Botalli. Arcoxia® can also be potentially harmful to the baby during breastfeeding, so women should not take Arcoxia® when breastfeeding.