Are dietary supplements useful in endurance sports? | Endurance sports

Are dietary supplements useful in endurance sports?

In principle, a balanced diet is generally sufficient for normal sporting activity. In the case of heavy exertion, food supplements can be useful to support the energy balance. Preparations containing carbohydrates are best suited for endurance sports.

Long-chain carbohydrates ensure the long-term supply of energy, short-chain ones are more sensible for short, heavy exertion. Electrolyte supplements are also suitable for the normal amateur athlete. The body begins to sweat during sporting activity and loses both fluid and electrolytes. This can lead to headaches or cramps. In this case it can be useful to take magnesium supplements, for example.

Is it allowed to do endurance sports if I have a cold?

In principle, no sport should be done during an illness so that the body can use its strength to fight the illness. If there are slight signs of a cold, endurance sports can still be done if necessary, but you should especially listen to your body and stop immediately if the symptoms worsen. Although endurance sport does strengthen the immune system in the long term, this does not apply to the moment immediately after exertion.

Here the immune system is initially weakened before it builds up again over time. A cold can therefore lead to a worsening of the symptoms. Particularly in the case of sore throats, sport should never be done at all, as a possible bacterial infection can otherwise spread more easily and the bacteria can be better distributed by the heated circulation.