Are side effects to be expected? | Slimming with protein powder

Are side effects to be expected?

Healthy adults with normal kidney function generally do not have to reckon with health-threatening side effects if the intake of protein via food and dietary supplements is moderate. In addition to a balanced diet, special attention should be paid to a sufficient fluid intake, because an increased amount of fluid is required for the metabolism of protein. The recommendation is at least 2 to 2.5 litres per day, preferably water or unsweetened tea.

However, if the protein powder is overdosed over a longer period of time, kidney function can be impaired. Many protein powders contain lactose and gluten and can lead to side effects in cases of intolerance and intolerance. Even people who are free of intolerances can react with gastrointestinal symptoms such as flatulence, abdominal pain and diarrhoea if they take a high intake of protein. The digestibility is also related to the chosen product.

What are the risks of “Losing weight with protein powder”?

In principle, health risks only arise when slimming with protein powder if the protein powder is extremely overdosed, as the proteins can put an enormous strain on the kidneys during excretion. You can drink a protein shake every day without hesitation and thus successfully boost your metabolism without putting any strain on your kidneys. However, the turbo diet with Almased or Jokebe should not be taken radically with three protein shakes instead of the main meals for half a year. Deficiency symptoms would occur and the kidneys would suffer.

Which other supplements are helpful for losing weight?

The success of the weight loss project is mainly due to the diet. Instead of following a strongly calorie-reduced diet for a short period of time, the diet should be changed and balanced in the long term. Those who have a balanced diet and consume all nutrients through unprocessed, natural foods as far as possible, generally do not need supplements (food supplements).

In summary, protein powders can help you lose weight, as they protect against excessive muscle loss when calorie intake is reduced and have low carbohydrate and fat content when protein is high. Since a calorie-reduced diet often does not include fatty foods due to their high calorie content, the intake of essential omega fatty acids may be recommended or even necessary. In addition, there are numerous other supplements whose benefits have been proven to be borderline or even non-existent. Ultimately, weight loss can be achieved through a balanced diet, exercise and stamina, without simultaneously slimming the wallet. This topic may also be of interest to you:

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How much can you lose weight with protein powder?

There are different ways to lose weight with protein powder. On the one hand, advertising promises quick successes through a “turbo diet” with protein shakes from Almased or Yokebe. Here, individual or all meals are replaced by protein shakes for a short period of time.

Those who follow this diet with discipline can indeed lose weight quickly. However, after the end of the diet, the yoyo effect occurs when eating normally again. If one eats almost exclusively protein (products), one often loses up to 3 kilos in one week.

This includes a not negligible amount of water. The yo-yo effect can be avoided by using the diet as a transition to a long-term balanced and healthy diet. The shakes should be slowly reduced after the diet and replaced by healthy meals. On the other hand, protein powder can be added to the diet without replacing meals. For example, protein powder can be mixed into muesli or smoothies.