Are there also baby carriers with a velcro fastener? | Baby carrier or sling for babies?

Are there also baby carriers with a velcro fastener?

There are also baby carriers with velcro fasteners on the market. The Velcro fastener is closed around the hips and the shoulder straps are continuous. This prevents the Velcro fasteners from coming loose and the baby falling down. An advantage of these baby carriers is that they can be opened and closed quickly and easily. Manufacturers of baby carriers with Velcro fasteners are for example Marsupi or Bondolino.

Baby carriers are back-friendly

Carrying a baby carrier or sling is not in itself harmful to the back, as the load is gradually increased and the torso and back muscles usually adapt to the load. Nevertheless, it is important that baby slings are wrapped correctly. If the slings are wrapped incorrectly, the baby and parents may experience pain or health problems.

Baby carriers also have the advantage that they usually have a well-padded hip belt to which the weight is shifted. This puts minimal strain on the back and the baby carrier is more comfortable to wear.