Arnica in pregnancy | Arnica ointment

Arnica in pregnancy

Arnica is not to be used in pregnancy due to the lack of studies. Although in ointment form a fruit-damaging effect on the child cannot be assumed, for safety reasons only low-dose ointments should be used or these ointments should only be applied once a day. Arnica intake in the form of tablets should be avoided completely. An improvement of the symptoms should be expected after an application of about 3-5 days. If there is no improvement or even an increase in the redness, swelling or inflammatory reactions, a doctor should be consulted and the cause of the complaints checked.

Arnica with the child

Arnica ointment for children can be used safely. However, low-dose ointments should rather be used. In small children and infants, however, possible allergic skin reactions with redness and pustular and wheal formation should be taken into account.

On average, infants react more quickly to arnica ointment than older children. Should pustules or wheals develop, it is necessary to wait until the effect of the ointment has worn off. A decrease of the skin reaction can be expected about 2-3 hours after application.

Make your own Arnica ointment

Arnica ointment is available in every pharmacy, but can also be produced by yourself. For this purpose, one should fill a 3⁄4 cup of dried arnica flowers into a wide glass and pour coconut oil and vitamin E oil over it. The flowers must be completely covered and immersed.

The jar must now be put in a gentle cooking oven for 12-24 hours. Some cayenne pepper should be added during this time. From time to time the brew should be stirred.

When all the flowers have soaked up the coconut oil, you can take the pot out of the cooker, stir vigorously again and then let it cool down covered. After cooling down the liquid should be strained with a linen cloth. Then 1⁄2 cup of beeswax should be added and again the whole mixture should be slightly warmed on the stove until the wax has melted.

Then the mixture can be filled into a container and cooled down completely. As it cools, the consistency becomes ointment-like and can then be used.