At what point can the learning type be determined? | What learning type am I?

At what point can the learning type be determined?

Children develop preferences for certain sensory qualities at an early age. Even babies should choose a type of favourite sense that they use most often and develop particularly well over the years. The preferred learning channel of children manifests itself at the latest at kindergarten age.

At this age, visual learners tend to paint and do handicrafts a lot, while auditory learners communicate and play with others a lot. This tendency often persists until they enter school. Theoretically, a child’s learning type can already be identified at kindergarten age.

However, children develop at different speeds and should not be hastily pigeonholed. However, it is only really useful to determine the learning type at school age. From school age on, the learning type of a child can be determined with a test and the preferred way of learning can be actively encouraged.