Atheroma on the cheek | Atheroma – You must know that!

Atheroma on the cheek

Atheromas of the cheek are often discovered very early. This is not due to an increased symptomatology, but simply because the swelling on the face makes it very quickly noticeable to the patient himself and his fellow men. Even if atheromas of the face are often perceived as cosmetically disturbing, they are usually harmless. If the atheroma is to be removed, the physician should make sure that the direction of the incision follows the natural skin folds in order to guarantee good wound healing and a visually good result.

Atheroma of the ear

On the ear, atheromas usually occur near the back of the earlobe or behind the ear. At this position, the atheroma can be very disturbing, especially for people who wear glasses, because depending on the position, the atheroma causes the temple of the glasses to not fit perfectly. In addition, inflamed atheromas behind the ear are particularly troublesome because the glasses constantly put pressure on the atheroma, which can be painful.

The same applies to people with hearing aids. The hearing aids must fit well behind the ear to function satisfactorily. An atheroma can prevent this from happening and therefore requires a quick removal by the doctor. An atheroma behind the ear can also be perceived as cosmetically uncomfortable, as the pressure on the ear can cause the ears to protrude a little further from the head.

Atheroma of the earlobe

Atheromas on the earlobe are quickly noticed due to the swelling. They are harmless. However, caution is advised when the atheroma becomes inflamed.

In this case, it should not be expressed under any circumstances, as the inflammation may spread to the neck and head. As a result, fever and severe pain may occur. Therefore a dermatologist should be consulted immediately if the atheroma becomes inflamed. Inflammation can be recognized by the fact that the atheroma continues to swell, appears reddened, is overheated and hurts. The dermatologist can remove the atheroma completely and assess whether antibiotics are necessary if the inflammation has already spread.

Atheroma of the breast

The breast is also one of the body parts with a particularly large number of sebaceous glands. An atheroma in the breast area can sometimes be misinterpreted as a breast tumour, especially by women. The important difference, however, is that an atheroma lies quite superficially under the skin and sometimes has a black spot in the middle, whereas a breast tumour starts from the mammary gland tissue and usually lies deeper in the breast tissue.

However, the exact differentiation can certainly be made by a dermatologist or gynaecologist. Of course, men can also have atheromas in the area of the hairy breast. The treatment does not differ from that applied to other parts of the body. You can find further information under:

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