Avoiding the yoyo effect | Losing weight without sport

Avoiding the yoyo effect

To avoid the danger of the yoyo effect right from the start, it is very important to start the diet very slowly and therefore effectively. If you lose weight quickly, you will lose a lot of water, which will inevitably be stored again in the long run. It is therefore most effective to consume only slightly fewer calories than you consume.

This way you can easily stay below your daily turnover and you can lose fat tissue step by step. In addition, you should only change your diet if you want to maintain it permanently and can keep it up, so you should be able to have a little snack in between. In this way, you can prevent that a great ravenous appetite accumulates by forbidding certain foods, which you cannot resist.

This in turn leads to the yo-yo effect. In addition, the calorie intake should never fall below the basal metabolic rate, i.e. the energy that the body needs to survive at rest. Otherwise the body receives the signal that there is too little food for the normal metabolism and adjusts to this hunger situation. If you then start to eat normally again, i.e. exactly as much as you consume, the body starts to build up reserves for further hunger phases and the dreaded yoyo effect occurs.

Medical evaluation

Losing weight without sport should be viewed medically from two sides. On the one hand, a certain amount of sport is definitely very healthy. It keeps the body fit, contributes to joint mobility and reduces blood pressure and cardiovascular risk.

In addition, physical activity reduces stress hormones and releases happiness hormones. Furthermore, more calories are consumed, so you can eat more and it becomes easier to eat a balanced diet and to integrate all the necessary nutritional components in your food. Another important point is that through sport the body fat percentage in relation to muscle mass decreases.

Since toxins are stored in the fatty tissue, the increased loss of fat during exercise has an additional positive effect on health. Regular exercise is therefore very important for your health and not doing sport has a negative effect on your health. On the other hand, from a medical point of view, it should also be noted that a person’s health also includes feeling good and happy.

A better body feeling can indeed increase the quality of life, but sport can also be associated with effort and feelings of unhappiness. Here, mental health should also be taken into account to find the right balance. Studies have shown that people who are slightly over normal weight because they exercise enough but do not force themselves to do excessive sport have the same life expectancy as people who weigh slightly less because of forced sport.

In some cases, it is also impossible to do sport because of physical complaints or only a few sports are possible. Here the right balance should be found. In the beginning, unfortunately, you usually have to force yourself to make an effort, whereby you can quickly enjoy the exercise. Once an awareness of a certain basic fitness has been created, for which neither special agony nor competitive sports are required, one has found a correct and good way in connection with a balanced diet from a medical point of view. In terms of losing weight, there are some sports that are particularly suitable and can be tried out.