Bach Flower Therapy: Health and illness

Negative soul concept

The negative soul concept and the physical symptoms and illnesses assigned by Dr Bach, which influences health and illness. Arrogance / Pride (not wanting to bend down)Symptoms: Rigidity, stiffness, arteriosclerosis, rigidity of thinking Cruelty (mercilessly, hurting with words, ignoring others)Symptoms: Because you inflict pain on others, you yourself suffer pain. Hate (temperamental outbursts, anger, rage)Symptoms: Nervous exhaustion, hysteria, autoimmune disorders.

Selfishness (overestimating yourself, circling around yourself)Symptoms: Neuroses, hypochondria, depression. Ignorance (refusal to recognize the truth and learn from mistakes)Symptoms: visual and hearing disorders. Uncertainty (indecisiveness, lack of determination)Symptoms: Coordination disorders, fluctuating values (for example blood pressure) Mood swings Greed (greed for power, disregard for the freedom of others, possessiveness)Symptoms: Suffering that takes away freedom, movement disorders, paralysis.

In his diagnosis he does not orientate himself on physical symptoms but on the associated negative mental states (health and illness). As a result of contradictory actions between the intentions of soul and personality they can eventually become causes of physical illnesses. However, negative soul states are not fought as symptoms, because this would maintain them energetically.

Rather, they are “flooded”, so to speak, by higher harmonious energy vibrations, whereby they “melt away like snow in the sun”, as Bach says. The flowers used by Bach for Bach Flower Therapy come, as he says, “from certain higher order plants”. Each of them embodies a certain soul concept (health) or, expressed energetically, vibrates at a certain mood frequency.

Each of these plant soul concepts corresponds to a certain soul concept in the human being. The human soul contains all 38 soul concepts (health and illness) of the Bach Flowers and thus of Bach Flower Therapy as soul concepts, energy-potential virtues or divine sparks. Dr. Bach wrote in 1934 about the effect of his flower essences:Certain wild growing flowers, bushes and trees of higher order have the power to increase our human vibrations and open our channels for the messages of our soul, our higher self, through their high vibration.

To flood our personality with the virtues we need and thereby wash out the (character) deficiencies that cause our suffering. Like beautiful music they are able to uplift our whole personality and bring us closer to our soul. In this way they give us peace and release us from our suffering.

They heal not by attacking the illness directly, but by flooding our body with the beautiful vibrations of our higher self, in whose presence the illness melts away like snow in the sun. There is no real healing without the change in attitude towards life, peace of mind and inner happiness (health and illness). In other words, the Bach Flower Essence, as a kind of catalyst, restores the contact between soul and personality which is blocked at this point.

The soul can once again make itself heard in the personality. Where there was disharmony and paralysis, life flows in again. Bach wrote: “There where man was no longer “completely himself”, he becomes “completely himself” again.

The personality finds its way out of human confusion and limitation, back to the soul potentials and virtues that give meaning and harmony to our existence on this planet. Since time immemorial plants have been used for healing purposes. However, Bach distinguishes between plants that alleviate suffering (most of our medicinal plants) and those that are enriched with divine healing powers.

He called them “higher order plants” or “the happy fellows of the plant world” and found them all intuitively. Sometimes it was enough to place a petal of the corresponding plant on the tongue to feel its effect on body, soul and spirit. These are non-toxic plants and not those that serve as food for humans.

Some of them are also used in other forms in herbal medicine (phytotherapy), but the majority of them were considered to be weeds until then. It is important to note that the plants are collected only in the wild and in certain natural places. As cultivated plants have the described divine healing powers are no more.

The Bach Flower therapy is always understood as an accompanying measure, which can have a preventive or additional effect on the patient’s soul (health)! They are no means to fight certain physical symptoms or diseases in the sense of a medicine!