Bach Flowers for anxiety in children

Aspen/trembling poplar

Children need the Aspen flower if you think they were born with “one skin too little” and if they are extremely sensitive. Without knowing it, children are flooded with thoughts and imaginary images from the astral or emotional plane. They have an unconscious antenna for emerging conflicts, psychological disorders of other people, fears in the air.

They receive unconscious impulses from their surroundings that they cannot classify, they register almost everything, and in doing so they use a lot of energy. It can happen that the children suddenly feel uncomfortable in cheerful company for no apparent reason and have to withdraw. They cannot bear the atmosphere in certain places.

In addition, their fears remain vague and undefined in the Aspen state, the children cannot name them, so they cannot talk about them with others. This aggravates their situation. Aspen, the trembling poplar, is the perfect symbol for this state.

A breath of wind is enough to make the leaves rustle. Aspen shaped children tremble like aspen leaves. They tend to have nightmares, cry out in their sleep, tend to sleepwalk.

They are easily frightened, react to new situations and strangers with fear and rejection. The children demand that the door to the bedroom remains open and that there is always some light in the room. They are afraid of the dark, they have vague premonitions and fear of imminent disaster, but they cannot name it.

The children are afraid without knowing exactly what it is. With the help of the flower essence Aspen, the child learns to better process the unconscious, frightening impressions, to overcome its unnameable fears and to feel more secure. Aspen can be ideally complemented with Mimulus and Rock Rose.

Cherry Plum

Children who tend to express their feelings spontaneously and who find it difficult to behave in a controlled and disciplined manner need the Bach Flower Cherry Plum. The children feel an inner tension and feel like an inflated balloon that threatens to burst. They can suppress loud screaming, impulsive hopping around and spontaneous outbursts of anger more difficult than others and are therefore often rebuked.

They suffer from the fear of not being able to control themselves any more, a psychological pressure is created which is discharged in tantrums, hysterical screaming, often as if out of the blue. The negative reactions of the parents to this behaviour create fear because the children feel that it is very difficult to hold out the inner tension without losing control. The children suffer from nightmares.

Biting nails indicates inner tension and the unconscious fear of letting the feelings run free. Cherry Plum is also especially suitable for children who wet themselves at night. They control themselves so much during the day that they can only let their fears run free at night when the body tension in their sleep subsides through spontaneous urination.

The Bach flower Cherry Plum helps the children to alleviate the psychological overpressure and the fear of it. Parents should try not to always see their children’s emotional outbursts as something negative but react with attention and loving support. In this way, the fear of inner tension, spontaneous discharge and the fear of losing control is alleviated.