Bach flowers for anxiety

Which Bach flowers

The following Bach Flowers can be used for people who suffer from anxiety:

  • Red Chestnut
  • Mimulus (Spotted Juggler Flower)
  • Cherry Plum
  • Rock Rose (Yellow Sunflower)

Aspen (trembling poplar)

Positive development opportunities: fearlessness and courage. – One has inexplicable, vague fears (trembling like aspen leaves), premonitions, fear of imminent disaster

  • Can’t say why, is over-sensitive and closed and often feels uncomfortable in the midst of happy people
  • Has a “thin skin” and is prone to psychic perceptions and superstition

Positive development opportunities: Compassion while maintaining your own personality. – One is more concerned about the well-being of others than about one’s own

  • You are not afraid for yourself and forget your own development
  • Strong bond with loved ones
  • Caring
  • Over-concern
  • Always fear the worst
  • Parents constantly urge their children to be careful
  • In this state one must realize that one cannot keep fateful events from other people.

Positive development potential: Bravery in scary situations

  • One is shy, timid and has many small fears
  • The reasons for this are commonplace and banal (for example, fear of other people) and, unlike Aspen, well known. – Mimulus is generally anxious, often feels the existence as a burden and withdraws
  • The Mimulus personality is also afraid to fight back and avoids conflicts
  • Phobias are also possible (snake phobia, spider phobia, etc.). Positive development potential: Calmness in situations of tension.
  • One is afraid of oneself, namely of psychic short-circuit actions
  • Uncontrolled temperamental outbursts and uncontrolled actions
  • The personality that Cherry-Plum needs tends to overreact and sudden fits of rage. Positive development opportunities: steadfastness, heroism
  • One has panic fear and feelings of terror up to the fear of death (for example asthma or heart patients)
  • People who need Rock Rose need to be scared out of their sleep
  • Have nightmares where they’re afraid, can’t scream and can’t run away.