Bach Flowers for children – in case of uncertainty

The child is a pessimist and always looks to the future with negative expectations. It is sceptical, doubting, slightly discouraged when something doesn’t work out right away. “I’ll never learn that” is often heard when children do not make the same good progress with newly acquired skills such as cycling, swimming, arithmetic and many other things.

The children give up too early and so the children do not take advantage of one or the other chance to acquire a skill (such as learning an instrument), which they often suffer from as adults and mourn the missed opportunity. “If you don’t learn Hans, you’ll never learn Hans again!” In school, children often show a certain lack of interest, are quickly discouraged in case of failure, and are difficult to keep up with.

Before exams, they expect to fail and get bad grades. Behind this are feelings of inferiority, which cause negative expectations, the children do not trust themselves. The will to fight and overcome difficulties is also only slightly developed.

A combination of the flower Gentian with the flower Larch (lack of self-confidence, feelings of inferiority) can be considered. Gentian should help the children to reduce the negative basic attitude, to develop more confidence in themselves and the future. A negative basic attitude is also sometimes transmitted by the parents and so this influence on the children should also be questioned.

Gorse /Gorse

The child already has a feeling of hopelessness at an early age. Mostly there are difficult family relationships behind it, often suffering, agony, abuse from which it cannot escape. This also includes financial problems, unfair, unloving treatment by the parents but also by siblings or schoolmates.

At school the children develop into outsiders and whipping boys, are rejected by the other pupils (sometimes also by the teachers). This situation is quickly perceived as hopeless and, depending on the character, the child will be quiet, depressed and introverted or will attract attention through loud, aggressive behaviour. In addition, it is not uncommon for the child to perform poorly at school.

From this hopeless resignation and a feeling of “it’s no use after all” resistance to everyone and everything then arises. Children in this situation are usually unable to talk about their problems and are completely overwhelmed in this exceptional situation. But also for the parents this behaviour of the child can become an insurmountable hurdle.

In this case the child and parents need the help of an experienced therapist. The Gorse can be used as a support. The children should take courage and learn to believe that one day they can free themselves from this predicament. Gorse should put a spark of hope in the heart.