Bach flowers for loneliness in children

Taking Bach Flowers can help children to positively influence their social development and lure them out of their loneliness. In the following three different flowers are presented, which can be used depending on the child’s behaviour. Children are completely self-centred, always want to be the centre of attention and demand the undivided attention of their parents.

They feel like the “navel of the world”! They talk a lot, push themselves in between, do not stay alone. In the course of the years they develop exaggerated vanity and need for recognition and can become very unpopular and therefore lonely characters.

They constantly need an audience, tend to show off, mock other children for their weaknesses and hurt them with derogatory words. Only their own aches and pains count and they constantly talk about them, but they do not listen to other people. In general they show little pity for people and animals.

So they manoeuvre themselves into isolation, nobody wants to be friends with them. This personality structure continues in adulthood. Often one represents a certain religiousness to the outside world, is convinced that one’s own person is the worst off in this world, one’s self is the most important.

The flower Heather helps the child to develop a certain sensitivity towards others. The importance of the own person is pushed into the background, helpfulness can develop. This increases the chance of finding friends and partners.

Impatiens /Glandular balsam

The children are not going fast enough, they cannot wait well, they get angry and scream. As soon as they can walk they are constantly on the move, it doesn’t keep them in one place for long, everything has to go fast. A certain feeling of tiredness often triggers tantrums.

When they get older, their movements are hasty, everything is done quickly, they speak so fast that other children sometimes find it difficult to follow. Sometimes stuttering develops from this. The children appear hyperactive, temperamental and prefer to do things on their own in order not to have to consider other, slower contemporaries.

They also tend to make hasty decisions and are extremely impatient with themselves and other people. Too little time for everything causes careless mistakes and something is often forgotten. In adulthood, choleric personalities develop that can be mean and cruel and thus suffer from loneliness.

They work themselves very fast and effectively, cannot accept being different. They are impatient, irritable, tense, excited, roar aggressively. They can’t take criticism, get angry outbursts, which, however, quickly fade away.

To be compared with a highly bred horse that is harnessed to a plough. The Impatiens flower can bring more peace and serenity into the life of the child and soften this difficult development. The children should develop more patience and understanding with themselves and others. The doctor should be consulted in the case of hyperactive children, but Bach Flowers can always be used as a supportive treatment.