Bach flowers for loneliness

Which Bach Flowers are used?

For people who suffer from loneliness, the following Bach Flowers can be used:

  • Heather (Scottish heather)
  • Impatiens (Glandular balsam)
  • Water Violet (Swamp Water Feather)

Positive development opportunities: helpfulness, empathy

  • One is self-centred, completely occupied with oneself, needs a large audience
  • You want to be the centre of attention and you are the “navel of the world”. – One shows needy toddler behaviour and invents for example accidents to get attention again
  • Only your own aches and pains count and you want to talk about them all the time (conversation partners are held on your sleeve!) – People who need Heather constantly talk about themselves, their children, family, job.
  • But they don’t listen to other people because they think that they alone are important. – Religiousness presented to the outside world, I feel the worst in the world. Positive development opportunities: Patience, gentleness, compassion.
  • One is impatient, easily irritated, shows excessive reactions
  • You work very quickly and effectively yourself and cannot accept being different (slower)
  • One is choleric, impatient boss, excited, tense inside
  • You yell, you run red, you can’t take criticism
  • However, outbursts of anger quickly fade away
  • People who need Impatiens can hardly bear the awkwardness of beginners Master and apprentice
  • “Before I explain it to you, I’ll have done it myself” or “Give me that, it makes me tingly”
  • One sometimes seems mean and cruel
  • In the impatient state one is often plagued by pain (tension pain, tearing pain)

Positive development opportunities: humility, wisdom, sense of togetherness

  • One withdraws inwardly, has an isolated feeling of arrogance
  • One is proud and arrogant, wants to be different and special
  • One seems unapproachable, is often silent, wears fancy clothes, does not like to mingle with the people
  • You solve your problems on your own and you are capable of it
  • One stops communicating with the environment (autism) and can lie perfectly
  • People who need Water Violet do not suffer from loneliness at first, they like to be alone, they need distance “my home is my castle
  • You often act as a ringleader in the background and don’t get your hands dirty
  • One is a good advisor and as a boss often the rock in the surf
  • Children in this state want to be able to do everything, don’t want to shake hands (nobody touches me! ), are model children and can deal with their problems themselves
  • Danger of a short cut.