Bach flowers in desperation

Which Bach Flowers are used?

The following Bach Flowers can be used for people who suffer from despair and despondency:

  • Crab Apple (wooden apple)
  • Elm (elm)
  • Oak (oak)
  • Pine (Scottish pine)
  • Larch (Lark)
  • Willow. – Sweet Chestnut
  • Star of Bethlehem

Positive development opportunities: Generosity, a sense of context, details become irrelevant. – One feels internally and externally dirty, impure or infected

  • Cleaning bloom
  • One strives for purity, order, perfection
  • One has a distinct feeling for mental hygiene, one feels sinful and stained
  • You don’t want any disorder in public or private life
  • Everything has to look like something out of the egg (cleaning addiction) and one strives for cleanliness in interpersonal relationships as well
  • On the outside everything is fine (conflicts are swept under the carpet!)
  • One is disgusted by dirt, insects, bacteria and also by one’s own symptoms of illness (rashes, warts, etc.) – This strong need for cleaning can lead to compulsive behaviour (neuroses such as washing, compulsion to keep order, etc.) – People who need Crab Apple are often peddlers and pedants
  • You lose sight of the essentials and are irritated by trivialities

Positive development opportunities: strong personality with strong skills, compassionate attitude, positive leadership personality.

  • You have the temporary feeling that you are not up to the task, that you do not have the strength to do everything you want and need to do. – Elm is the smelling salt of the strong in the hour of weakness
  • You’ve overreached yourself
  • One has a sense of responsibility and ideals and tends to take on too much responsibility, one loads oneself up a lot and risks overtaxing and overworking
  • Usually the breakdown is on a psychological level (for example a black out during exams), but injuries due to sporting overwork are also possible
  • Elm is usually a flower that is only used temporarily. Positive development opportunities: Power, endurance, strength, perseverance, rationality towards one’s own physical needs (rest periods).
  • One feels as a downcast, brave fighter, who nevertheless continues
  • You voluntarily take responsibility (Pine for example is forced to take responsibility), you are energetic, persistent, want to do everything yourself
  • Oak personalities do not give up, they feel as supporting pillars, must not get sick, cannot delegate
  • Fulfilment of duty is more important than anything else This results in overtaxing oneself, one is exhausted, but nevertheless continues
  • Other people are put under pressure to also be diligent
  • Diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis are common

Positive development opportunities: Ability to recognize errors as normal

  • You blame yourself, feel guilty. – feels he’s not worth a damn
  • One is afraid to have made a mistake and fears punishment
  • You make high demands on yourself – more than on others – and feel guilty if you cannot meet them
  • Pine personalities often apologize, play down their own performance and sometimes feel responsible for the mistakes of others
  • One is forced to take responsibility (example: single parents feel guilty towards their children, are overworked and exhausted)

Positive development opportunities: Seeing things realistically and loosely, not being discouraged by setbacks. – One has inferiority complexes

  • Expectation of failure due to lack of self-confidence
  • You don’t believe in yourself, you don’t have enough courage, you have inner fears and you don’t want to suffer failure (you don’t even try!)
  • You are afraid of embarrassing yourself
  • One feels inferior to other people right from the start and does not doubt this attitude, but is convinced of one’s own inability
  • People who need Larch have often suffered in childhood from a negative attitude of their parents
  • The sense of achievement is missing and the self-esteem is shattered (children dare not say anything at school, for fear of being laughed at)
  • Larch types seem very reasonable, feel useless, are nostalgic, comfortable (inner comfort) but also vain
  • Back pain is often described as physical symptoms (no backbone!) Positive development opportunities: Personal responsibility, constructive thinking, how can I make the best out of this situation. – One is bitter, feels like a “victim of fate
  • Feels sorry for himself
  • One has to give up privileges, life situation worsens (unemployed, chronically ill etc.)
  • One is in a bad mood instead of making the best of it
  • One sees only difficulties and no possibilities
  • You compare it to previous happy times
  • People who need Willow are often mentally and physically immobile (diseases that limit mobility). Positive development opportunities: Learning that it takes night to turn back to day. Rise like a phoenix from the ashes.
  • It is believed that the limits of what a person can endure are now reached
  • The personality is at the end of his Latin and seeks help from other people
  • It is pronounced: ” I am at the end, I do not know how to go on”. – One is in an extreme state of emergency: with one’s back against the wall, between heaven and earth, in nothingness, in the night, without being able to become day again! – People who need Sweet Chestnut believe that God has forgotten them.

Positive development opportunities: Revival and reorientation. – One has not yet got over a mental or physical shock. “

  • The comforter”
  • One is in a state of shock
  • Traumatic experiences, which sometimes seem trivial to the outside world, cannot be forgotten
  • You haven’t processed it and it’s blocked
  • Often suddenly occurring illnesses (speech disorders triggered by shock, soft speech, frozen facial expressions).