Bach Flowers in the absence of interest

Which Bach Flowers are used?

For people who suffer from lack of interest, the following Bach Flowers can be used:

  • Clematis (White Clematis)
  • Chestnut Bud (bud of the horse chestnut)
  • Honeysuckle
  • Olive (Olive)
  • White Chestnut
  • Mustard (wild mustard)
  • Wild Rose (Dog Rose)

Positive development potential: awareness of reality, goal-oriented creativity

  • You are not thinking about what you are doing, you show little attention to what is going on around you
  • One withdraws into imaginative worlds of imagination, does not want to participate in real life (daydreamer!) – One is not interested in the current situation (nor in getting well), does not listen (“Really! You don’t say!”)
  • People who need clematis are creative, artistically talented and have a creative idealism
  • Children appear as “Hans look in the air” and adults as “absent-minded professor”. – One forgets a lot, is satisfied with his dream world, easily gets involved in accidents. – One often has cold hands and feet, the head feels empty because the energy is not here but in the dream world
  • Clematis types are often found in the film and art world.

Positive development opportunities: Ability to learn, positive application of experience, inner flexibility. – You always make the same mistakes, because you don’t really process your experiences and don’t learn enough from them

  • You do not learn anything in the eyes of your environment, you do not benefit from past experiences
  • One has many ideas and plans (concrete conceptions, not dream worlds like clematis), but the course is not set to realize them
  • Force remains as if trapped in a bud
  • For example, children keep forgetting their school lunch or misspelled certain words, adults keep choosing the same type of partner even though it has gone wrong several times before
  • One has recurring complaints such as recurring migraine attacks that are tied to certain situations (weekend, quarrel, etc.). Positive development opportunities: Positive coming to terms with the past, going back to the present and doing something about it.
  • One has longing for the past, does not live in the present
  • One is frozen because one is constantly looking back (frozen into a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife in the Old Testament)
  • One is homesick for past life phases, for childhood or missed life chances (“if only I had then! Then… !”)
  • One is introverted and blocked
  • Honeysuckle is the flower that can help with homesickness. Positive development opportunities: regenerative ability, rest, peace of mind
  • One feels exhausted and physically exhausted (in contrast to hornbeam = mental exhaustion)
  • It’s all too much
  • One is totally exhausted and unable to do the everyday little things
  • You can’t do anything with joy anymore
  • In this state, serious illnesses can take a back seat. Positive development opportunities: Mental calm, clarity of thought
  • Certain thoughts keep circling around in your head, you can’t get rid of them
  • One feels at the mercy of others and conducts self-talks and dialogues
  • “What should I have said or done or could have done?”
  • One is often sleepless in the morning because the thoughts turn in the head
  • Internal dialogues are almost considered normal
  • One would like to borrow the thought (unlike clematis). Positive development opportunities: Inner clarity and serenity
  • Periods of deep sadness come and go suddenly without any apparent cause
  • You feel as if you are in a black cloud and suffer from a dark melancholy
  • Movements are slowed down, no drive
  • One suffers from unsatisfactory life situations or suppressed aggression
  • Wistful, suffering smile
  • Autoimmune diseases and endogenous depression can develop. Positive development opportunities: Interest in life, inner freedom without routine feeling. – One is apathetic, apathetic, has internally capitulated
  • You don’t try harder and don’t try to change the situation
  • One has resigned oneself, lets oneself drift and no longer perceives oneself and life
  • One often appears pale, wears dark clothes and has learned to get along with little
  • One feels chronically bored, indifferent and empty inside.