Bach Flowers with uncertainty

Which Bach Flowers come into question?

For people who suffer from insecurity, the following Bach Flowers can be used:

  • Cerato (lead root)
  • Scleranthus (One-year-old ball)
  • Gentian (autumn gentian)
  • Gorse (gorse)
  • Hornbeam (white beech)
  • Wild Oat (Forest Trpe, Oatgrass)

Positive development opportunities: Accepting inner guidance and intuition

  • One has too little confidence in one’s own opinion
  • There is a lack of trust in the inner voice and intuition and to stand by oneself
  • The rational mind does not allow an intuitive solution
  • People who need Cerato place exaggerated value on other people’s opinions (how would you do that if you were me?) – You talk a lot, ask a lot in between
  • A decision that has been recognized as correct is doubted again the next moment
  • One allows oneself to be misdirected against one’s own convictions and to one’s own disadvantage
  • Cerato types hoard information like on a savings account and know a lot without being aware of it
  • You don’t apply your knowledge. Positive development opportunities: decisiveness, balance, inner stability.
  • One is indecisive and erratic, internally unbalanced, opinions and moods change from one moment to the next
  • The inner balance is missing
  • The Scleranthus guy does not ask other people for advice like Cerato! – Comparable to a grasshopper, which is caused by a small movement in the environment to jump around aimlessly in big jumps
  • Not being able to decide between two things, nervous gestures, changing between exulting to the skies and grieving to death
  • As a result, loss of strength, despair, tears flow, intense suffering. Changing complaints (“Well, where does it hurt today?”)
  • Fluctuating blood pressure
  • Motion sickness. Positive development opportunities: Positive expectations, inner confidence. – One is basically sceptical
  • Expresses his doubts in every situation
  • Is slightly discouraged and disappointed
  • Gentian types do not approach the task
  • It’s not worth the effort
  • One expects nothing more from life
  • One often develops a depression and knows the reason for it
  • Children often experience difficulties at school due to refusal to participate and failures discourage and frighten.

Positive development opportunities: hope and new courage in new life situations. – One has given up hope and resigned oneself (“it has no more purpose”)

  • Tired, one finds no strength to start another attempt
  • You wait for a miracle and for something to happen from the outside. Positive development opportunities: mental resilience, mental freshness and energy, spirit of enterprise, turning away from stimulants.
  • One believes that one is too weak to cope with the daily duties, but then nevertheless manages
  • Mental exhaustion and fatigue due to overwork and lack of balance
  • One-sided way of life
  • Tired eyes
  • Tiredness disappears with variety, one is torn out of the rut! – Hornbeam works like an energetic shower. Positive development possibilities: Inner clarity and precise goal setting. – One is unclear in one’s goals, inwardly dissatisfied because one cannot find one’s life’s purpose
  • Wild Oat types are versatile, do not need to strain themselves, are ambitious, want to achieve something special
  • You often have several professions because a certain task becomes uninteresting after a while
  • One is fickle and tends to constantly start over
  • One is fickle and usually has no fixed relationship or family
  • Depressions can arise
  • One must learn to live more in depth than in breadth!