Brightening of dark circles

In order to be able to take appropriate measures, one should first of all get to the bottom of the cause of dark circles under the eyes. This is because more serious diseases such as thyroid diseases, vitamin deficiency, allergies, infections, kidney diseases or chronic insomnia can also be the cause. But also harmless things like a blocked nose, which thereby obstructs the lymphatic flow, can be responsible.

Stress, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption or an unbalanced diet can also play a role. In addition, with increasing age, the skin can become thinner and the vessels more visible and also lose volume, which favours sunken rings under the eyes. As the vessels become more transparent, the skin may darken. However, serious diseases must first be clarified by a specialist.

Prophylactic measures

What can be done prophylactically against dark circles under the eyes is first of all sufficient sleep and a healthy balanced diet. You should plan at least about 8 hours of sleep. It is also recommended that you drink enough and get plenty of fresh air.

In order to regulate the fluid balance, you should not only drink enough fluid but also not consume too much salt. Extensive sunbathing and visits to solariums can be another factor. This can lead to pigmentation disorders, which among other things can cause dark circles under the eyes. If you want to sunbathe, you should use a sufficient sun protection factor to prevent pigment accumulation. Careful tapping massages can also stimulate the lymph flow, so that the swelling of the dark circles around the eyes can be prevented or even reduced.

Laser therapy

In addition, there are also genetic or hereditary dark circles under the eyes, against which creams and household remedies do not help. It can also be a matter of permanent pigment storage, against which otherwise not much could be done. Here remains the hope of a laser therapy.

Laser therapy ensures that blood vessels and pigment deposits are destroyed. The destroyed pigments are then removed by immune cells. This has a brightening effect on the skin.

However, the risk of after-effects of the therapy must always be considered. The laser beams can also irritate the skin, cause infections and inflammations or the skin can harden in response to this irritation. Furthermore, laser treatment is usually very expensive for the individual.

An alternative here are various light therapies. One form of these is the so-called harmony laser, in which the skin is irradiated with wavelengths from 570 to 950 nm. The rays are intended to cause the blood vessels under the skin to contract.

This should ensure that the rings under the eyes are reduced. This irradiation is definitely gentler, but the effect of this treatment is controversial. There is no scientific proof yet, due to the studies. In addition, the problem of high costs arises here again.