Can I change the colour of my eyebrows naturally? | Eyebrow colour

Can I change the colour of my eyebrows naturally?

The colour of the eyebrows is genetically determined. To a certain extent, however, it can also be influenced naturally. This can be done, for example, by solar radiation.

However, the effect varies greatly from individual to individual and is often rather weak. In addition, it should be taken care to protect the skin with sun lotion and prevent sunburn in case of intensive sun exposure. There are some household remedies to bleach or lighten the eyebrows.

Treatment with lemon, honey or chamomile should be able to lighten the eyebrows by a few shades. Coffee grounds are used in combination with coconut oil and cocoa powder to make the eyebrows appear slightly darker. Here too, however, the effects are very different. In addition, the application should be repeated several times to bring about changes.

What are the risks of eyebrow tinting?

When using eyebrow tinting products one should always be aware of the risks. These can often not be excluded, especially if the dye is used improperly. For example, one should only use dyes that are also intended for eyebrows.

Eyebrows are usually finer than head hair and need a softer tint. Otherwise the eyebrows may be damaged. In addition, the skin of the face is often more sensitive than the scalp, so an incorrect dye can irritate it more.

The skin can react with redness, swelling, itching and pain. Strong allergic reactions are also possible. These can, for example, lead to scaling of the skin or to weeping wounds.

Before using a dye, a test for tolerance should be carried out by spreading the dye over a small area of skin, e.g. on the arm. If a skin change becomes apparent, the product should not be used. There is also a risk of the dye getting into the eyes.

There it can sometimes cause considerable reactions. Swelling, redness, itching, bleeding into the eyes and pain are possible. Even blindness cannot be excluded. To learn more about the risks of a particular dye, the instructions should be read carefully.