Cerato /leadroot | Bach Flowers for children – in case of uncertainty

Cerato /leadroot

The child has too little confidence in its own opinion, it cannot decide. This decision-making weakness is already evident in small children when it comes to such mundane things as choosing between strawberry ice cream and vanilla ice cream or deciding between two games. They think back and forth, make the decision anxiously and are also not sure afterwards whether they have chosen the right thing.

As soon as they can speak, sentences like “what should I play?” or “what should I wear?” are heard a hundred times a day.

Older children talk a lot, ask a lot of questions in between and attach exaggerated importance to the opinion of others! For their environment the children seem dependent and insecure. They like to adopt the behaviour or opinions of other children and so easily become followers.

They are always in danger of being subordinated by dominant persons. Out of this insecurity grows a lack of spontaneity, which does not disappear even in adulthood. In order to do something about this insecurity in childhood and to fight the fear of decisions, the flower essence Cerato can be used. The blossom helps to listen more to one’s own intuition and inner voice and not to immediately doubt the decisions made. The additional use of the Larch flower can also be considered when a lack of self-confidence and feelings of inferiority are involved.

Hornbeam / hornbeam

The children believe they are too weak to perform their daily duties. They feel listless as soon as they get up in the morning, they are tired and grumpy. At school they seem tired and without drive, they approach tasks hesitantly and need a longer time to finally find the beginning.

This is mental exhaustion (not physical exhaustion as with the olive flower). The children have tired eyes, perhaps they watch too much television and there is no balance to the monotonous everyday life. If they are torn out of their rut, the tiredness often disappears as well. The flower Hornbeam should help the children to find more mental freshness and resilience again, especially if they suffer from a monotonous everyday life. The children can thereby develop more enterprise again.

Scleranthus /One year old club

The child tends to have mood swings from the beginning, it seems moody, unstable and unbalanced. The mood changes from one moment to another. It can still be completely peaceful now and start crying and raving apparently without reason.

The basic tenor is a fluctuation between “sky-high cheering and saddened to death! The children can be compared to a grasshopper, who, through a small movement in the environment, begins to jump around seemingly aimlessly. At school age, the difficulty of deciding between two things becomes more and more apparent, the children sway back and forth between opinions, thoughts and decisions.

They find it difficult to stick with a decision once made and so they are quickly considered unreliable. Due to the lack of inner balance, they are unfocused, often do not listen and appear scatterbrained. The inner imbalance drains their strength, a certain amount of suffering and even despair develops. The flower Scleranthus should help the children to find inner balance, the power of decision is strengthened and it should be easier to be concentrated and consistent. In case of lack of concentration, an application or a combination with Chestnut Bud can be considered.