Consequences at school | Autism Spectrum Disorder

Consequences at school

Children with an autism spectrum disorder may have both an above average intelligence quotient and a rather low intelligence quotient. The problem with giftedness is that it is often only present in some areas, there is no interest in other areas and is therefore neglected. This is a big problem especially at school, where a general education in very different areas takes place.

Disinterest in some subjects often leads to concentration problems and this results in poor school grades, even though the children are very intelligent. The high giftedness usually helps the affected persons only in their professional life, because they can specialize in a subject area there. The behaviour of the affected children often leads to rejection by classmates, the children become socially isolated and marginalised.

Especially in childhood, the concentration disorder can develop into an attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD). The children stand out due to lack of attention in class. A professional school-accompanying psychotherapy is therefore very important!