Contraindication | Aponal®


In case of known hypersensitivity to doxepin, no application is allowed. Further contraindications are: Doxepin must also not be used while breast-feeding or in children under 12 years of age. Very cautious use in heart diseases (coronary heart disease (CHD), heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia, long QT syndrome), epilepsy, glaucoma, enlargement of the prostate (prostate hyperplasia), severe liver dysfunction and blood formation disorders. Doxepin should only be used during pregnancy if it is unavoidable. – states of confusion with loss of consciousness (delirium)

  • Poisoning (intoxication) with centrally attenuating drugs (sleeping pills, sedatives, painkillers)
  • Bowel paralysis (paralytic ileus)
  • Acute urinary retention and
  • An untreated narrow-angle glaucoma (certain form of glaucoma).


The prices for Aponal® vary depending on the manufacturer. On a private prescription, 100 tablets of 50 mg each cost about 25 euros (Doxepin Holsten 21 euros), 100 tablets of 100 mg each cost about 34 euros (Doxepin Holsten 29 euros) (source: Red List). With cash prescription only the prescription fee of 5 Euro is charged.