Costs | Baby massage


It is difficult to make binding or uniform statements on the cost issue. Since each provider can set its own tariff, there is no fixed regulation or limitation of costs. However, if required or in special cases, the costs of a baby massage can also be fully or at least partially covered by health insurance.

On the internet there are offers for about several appointments (90 minutes in total) for example 65€. However, it should be considered whether the money should possibly be used for a course to learn baby massage techniques. If you have any questions or doubts, your health insurance company or your local paediatrician can certainly help you.

How do I find a good baby massage?

To choose a practice or a person who offers baby massages for the first time, one must inevitably rely on the opinion of other people. Internet ratings can, but do not have to be a good guide. More reliable in terms of good services is usually rather the so-called word of mouth.

In addition, good and reputable providers usually do not need to advertise themselves or their practice in a great way. In this respect, too, it is advisable to talk to the paediatrician if necessary. The paediatrician usually has a lot of experience reports or has perhaps already worked with the persons concerned and can therefore give a well-founded opinion.

However, the main criterion for assessing the massage should be the relationship between your baby and the masseur. Both parties must feel comfortable in this respect and especially for the parents of the baby it should not be a problem to have their child massaged by another person. If the baby feels uncomfortable during the massage or the parents are reluctant to give their child into the hands of the masseur, a change of practice/masseur is recommended.

When does my baby get a baby massage?

There is no prescribed minimum age for participation in a baby massage. However, it is recommended to wait until the child’s navel has healed. This is usually the case within the first one to two months of life.

Even though the baby may still seem fragile at this point, baby masseurs are trained to work with small children, so they will not exaggerate the pressure or hardness of the massage. However, the baby massage usually becomes therapeutically relevant at the age of about half a year. Whether then, however, one can still speak of baby massage is debatable.

At this time, infant massage would probably be more appropriate. However, the massages for the child may be continued beyond the sixth month of life. It always serves to improve the relationship, emotional perception and relaxation of the child.