Could this be an indication of MS? | Eyebrow twitching – Is that dangerous?

Could this be an indication of MS?

Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease that leads to the destruction of the myelin sheaths of nerve cells. Various areas of the brain can be irreversibly damaged in this way. Depending on the location of the damage, different symptoms can result.

A classic symptom of MS is inflammation of the optic nerve (so-called retrobulbar neuritis). The inflammation can be accompanied by twitching in the area of the eye. However, paresthesia or motor disorders can also be the first symptom of MS. A doctor should be consulted if a twitching of the eyebrows occurs, which worsens in the further course and is accompanied by visual disturbances. This doctor should initiate further examinations to rule out MS. However, if the eyebrow twitching is only occasional and there are no other symptoms, there is no need to worry.

Eyebrow twitching during pregnancy

Twitching of the eyebrow or twitching in general occurs more frequently during pregnancy. This is due to the increased consumption of minerals and vitamins during pregnancy. A magnesium deficiency may possibly be present, which plays an important role in the contraction of muscle cells.

A deficiency favours the development of twitches. Furthermore, pregnancy is a strain on the body. It can cause both stress and fatigue.

These factors can intensify existing twitches. For this reason, you should take it easy during pregnancy and make sure you eat a balanced diet. This is the only way to cover the increased consumption of vitamins and minerals. .

The constant twitching

A constant twitching of an eyebrow, is typical for a tic disorder or a neurological cause for the twitching, such as the facial hemispasm. On the other hand, a stress-related twitching or a twitching due to a magnesium deficiency usually lasts only for a short time, but can sometimes last for days.

The eyebrows twitch on the left or right side

The eyebrow twitching can occur on the left or right eyebrow. However, it usually occurs unilaterally and disappears again after a short time. The twitch is caused by irregular, involuntary contractions of the muscle fibre bundles, so-called fasciculations.

They can occur in healthy people in isolation and usually have no disease value. If the eyebrow twitching occurs as a result of an illness or remains permanently, the symptoms should be clarified by a doctor.