Covering dark circles around the eyes Men | Covering eye rings

Covering dark circles around the eyes Men

Men can use normal make-up to cover the dark circles around the eyes just like women. There are also special eye roll-ons that can be used to cover the dark areas under the orbit. However, it is usually relatively difficult for men to choose make-up, as some find it relatively feminine. Many men therefore tend to use sunglasses to hide their dark circles.

Covering dark circles around the eyes Women

For women it is of course a good idea to cover the dark circles around the eyes with make-up. Here, too, you can use special roll-ons that have been specially designed to combat dark circles under the eyes. If you want to apply make-up, you need a few essential things, such as liquid make-up, optionally dry make-up, a sponge to apply and a concealer.

Before you start applying the concealer, you should cleanse your face thoroughly. Especially the area where the concealer is applied should be dry, so that it doesn’t blur afterwards and you can apply it well. In any case you should make sure that the color is not too dark and not too light.

It is best to choose a shade that is one shade lighter than normal skin for the foundation. Apply this foundation carefully to the rings under the eyes and try to reach the edge of the lower eyelid. This is relatively easy to do if you simply apply the concealer with a suitable brush.

You should always just dab and not smudge it, so that it looks as natural as possible later on. The make-up sponge is used to apply the make-up, which should have the same colour as the skin, to the rest of the face, so that you can’t see the contours of the concealer later. Again, it is important not to rub when applying the make-up but to dab carefully.

As the make-up and the concealer are liquid, the skin can appear slightly oily. To counteract this, take a dry make-up (powder) at the end and apply it with a brush. In this way the skin looks more matte and natural.


In fact, it is possible to cover his dark circles with red or orange lipstick. This usually works better for women who have a slightly darker or tanned skin. With very light skin it usually looks too dark.

You take a liquid make-up as a foundation and apply it to the whole face. Instead of the concealer, lipstick comes into play. It is applied in the same way as the concealer and dabbed under the eyes.

Then spread the colour over the whole eye ring with a fine brush. The actual concealer is then applied to the lipstick, which should be a shade lighter than the skin colour. It should also be applied flat under the eye and you should always try to apply the colour down to the lower eyelid to give a nice finish. At the end you can also apply dry make-up (powder) here so that the skin does not appear so greasy.