Cream against dark circles under the eyes yourself | Treat dark circles around the eyes with cream

Cream against dark circles under the eyes yourself

Various natural products can be used to reduce dark circles under the eyes. In particular, high-quality oils such as coconut oil or almond oil can be rubbed into the skin under the eyes and have a positive effect on dark circles under the eyes. There is a variety of recipes for eye creams, it is important to use only natural and safe ingredients.

High-quality oil usually forms the basis for a homemade cream, in addition to honey, black or green tea or low-fat curd, for example. In addition, certain ingredients can be purchased at the pharmacy or on the Internet, such as aloe vera gel, vaseline, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid or urea. It is important to make sure that no germs get into the cream and then into the eyes. Slices of cucumber or potatoes should be placed on the eye to achieve a cooling and moisturizing effect, but also a cloth soaked in cold milk or a cold spoon can have a visible soothing effect on dark circles under the eyes in addition to the homemade cream.

The different products

The eyeshadow specialist costs about 43 euros and is a dual care system designed for the entire day. A lightly tinted day cream provides moisture and visually corrects the dark shadows under the eyes with colour pigments. The night cream then helps the skin to regenerate during sleep and thus ensures long-term improvement.

Here, the principle of cooling is applied: The cooling eye gel, which costs around 29 euros, is applied with a silver massage ball in the applicator and its ingredients help to reduce swelling around the sensitive eye area. The effect can be increased by storing the cream in the refrigerator. For about 36 euros, Biotherm offers an eye care product against tiredness.

Sophisticated ingredients work against

  • Circles under the eyes
  • Lachrymal sacs Tränensa
  • Delicate lines
  • Droopy lids

Especially with Hollywood stars, dark circles under the eyes are not uncommon, so that the tried and tested care for about 50€ in the form of an eye mask with only 3 minutes application time should be worth a try. For about 16€ this eye contour cream soothes irritations and irritated eye skin, soothes dark circles and helps to reduce puffiness. For only about 8 Euro this eye cream tightens the fine skin around the eyes, helps to regenerate and is said to help against dark circles.

These eye creams mentioned here are only a small selection from the wide range of eye cosmetics available. Nearly every cosmetic company now carries an eye cream, so you should look primarily at ingredients and of course the price. Afterwards, the appropriate eye cream can be selected that meets the own requirements and can help to fight the dark circles under the eyes.