Criticism of losing weight with globules/homeopathy | Losing weight with globules/ homeopathy

Criticism of losing weight with globules/homeopathy

Homeopathy and slimming with globules are generally very controversial. Many people swear by the healing effect of the small globules, others speak of charlatanism and waste of money. Nevertheless, the turnover of the globule manufacturers is increasing.

A medical effect has not yet been proven. Globules for losing weight only work if the diet is changed to a low-calorie, healthy diet and sport is practised. It is therefore questionable whether one loses weight when losing weight with globules due to the highly diluted means, or due to the change of diet and exercise. Nevertheless, many people report positive effects of globules for weight loss. One should feel more vital and lose weight faster.


All globules can cause an initial aggravation as a side effect, also called artificial disease. This means that the symptoms to be combated are much worse at the beginning of the therapy. Theoretically, globules for weight loss can cause attacks of ravenous appetite, a strong appetite or a feeling of fullness in the first few hours. Other side effects such as skin complaints, diarrhoea or increased body temperature can also occur. As the actual active ingredients in the globules are extremely highly diluted, dangerous side effects are generally not to be expected.

Alternatives to losing weight with globules/homeopathy

There are numerous alternative diets for losing weight with globules. The healthiest way to lose weight and maintain the desired weight permanently is a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. To tackle weight loss, a crash diet is a good way to start a change in diet, i.e. a radical mono-diet for a few days to get the metabolism going.

This can be a fruit or vegetable diet, for example the pineapple diet or the cabbage soup diet. If you want to lose weight in the shortest possible time, some people like to try diets with protein-rich shakes, such as Almased, Yokebe or Doppelherz. The risk of the yo-yo effect is generally very high with mono-diets, so a slow transition to a low-calorie, balanced diet is recommended, in which foods are gradually added to the diet.

If you want to lose weight over a longer period of time, you can try low-carb diets. Popular examples are the Glyx diet, the Logi method or the Atkins diet. These diets reduce the carbohydrates in the diet and put a lot of emphasis on valuable foods and lots of protein.

The Atkins diet also includes a disciplined exercise programme to lose weight effectively. All in all, a diet should only be seen as an introduction to a new, healthy and balanced diet. Regular exercise helps to maintain the desired weight and get the body in shape.