Cucumber slice | Household remedy against dark circles

Cucumber slice

Cut two slices from one cucumber and place them on the eyes for about 10 minutes. The cucumber should best be taken out of the refrigerator or alternatively the cucumber slices should be placed in the refrigerator before use until they are cold. The cucumber slices provide moisture and at the same time help against the swelling of the eyes due to the cold.

Almond oil

Apply a few drops of almond oil to the rings under the eyes and massage gently into the skin, preferably overnight and repeat several days a week. It is important to use this method over several weeks. The almond oil should keep the skin firmer and help against the rings under the eyes. The massage also promotes drainage via the lymph vessels.

Less salt in the food

If salt is used too much, the body tends to retain water, which can also be noticeable in swollen eyes, bags under the eyes or rings under the eyes. Therefore, it can already help to reduce the salt content in food and not to salt every dish.

Cover up one’s tear sacs

Tear sacs are swellings of the lower eyelids. Apart from the household remedies described above, which can also be used against lachrymal sacs, it is also possible to cover them with make-up to conceal them. In order to cover the bags under the eyes completely, it is important to know the correct make-up technique.

If this does not work by itself, a cosmetician can be asked for tips. The make-up should always be tapped and not only rubbed in to stimulate the blood circulation at the same time. In case of dark circles under the eyes, the concealer should be one shade lighter than your own natural skin tone.

In the case of swellings, such as bags under the eyes, on the other hand, a dark colour is important to cover and visually reduce the swelling. The swelling then appears optically smaller. A green tone can also help against reddening, as it mattifies the redness. A yellowish make-up tone is useful for dark circles under the eyes.

Other measures

If the dark circles do not disappear or even get worse despite all measures, a doctor should be consulted for clarification. Because behind the sudden appearance of the dark circles there can also be a disease hidden. However, the above household remedies should help against stressed and tired eyes, as well as sufficient sleep and exercise in the fresh air. In addition, it is important to drink a lot, if the body lacks fluid, the formation of unattractive dark circles can also occur.