Dark circles under the eyes | Circles under the eyes – Get rid of and remove

Dark circles under the eyes

Circles under the eyes bother men just as much as women, because they stand for an irregular lifestyle and at work it’s easy to be accused of partying all night. It is therefore understandable that both sexes want to fight the dark circles and do something about it. First of all, it is important to get to the bottom of the causes and to eliminate them, as this can often have a better effect on the dark circles than external treatment or simply covering them up.

Important measures against dark circles are therefore also for men. In addition (especially in the evening) an eye cream containing caffeine, hyaluronic acid or similar ingredients can support the regeneration of the eye area. – Drink plenty of water

  • Sleep well
  • Balanced diet (see “Paleo diet”)
  • Do sport three times a week

Dark circles under the eyes of women

No woman likes dark circles under the eyes and yet many are affected by them. The causes are very different. Lack of sleep and stress are the most common causes of dark circles.

When these deficits are corrected, the dark circles usually disappear again. A lack of exercise, nicotine consumption or poor diet can also be reflected in the eye area. Especially in women, iron deficiency or other vitamin deficiencies are often the cause.

Women can also have a genetic predisposition for dark circles. Another cause can also be chronic diseases or side effects of medication. The eye area is very susceptible to reflect external influences such as stress, as the skin there is very thin at half a millimetre.

There is hardly any fatty tissue here, but there are many blood vessels that shimmer through the thin skin. If the factors that are responsible for the dark circles around the eyes are turned off, the circles usually disappear again. If this is not the case, it should be clarified whether a deficiency symptom or an allergy exists.

Women are much more often afflicted by dark circles than men. One reason for this is that women have thinner skin than men, so that the blood vessels are clearly visible through the skin even with small changes. On the other hand, it usually bothers women more than men to have dark circles under the eyes.

Women can take action against their dark circles in various ways. The simplest method is to conceal them with suitable make-up. However, the area around the eyes should first be adequately hydrated and cooled.

Cooling the eyes makes them look fresh again and reduces swelling. For this purpose, cooling eye creams or cold cucumbers can be applied to the eyes. A massage of the bags under the eyes up to above the nose can also have a decongesting effect on the rings under the eyes.

When choosing an eye cream it should be taken care that it mainly contains natural ingredients so that the skin is not additionally irritated. An insider tip for the treatment of dark circles under the eyes is the use of haemorrhoid ointment. This has a decongestant and circulation-inhibiting effect, but should not contain cortisone.

The ointment can be mixed with the normal day cream. If all these methods do not help, it is possible to have dark circles under the eyes surgically removed. However, this is associated with high risks and should be carefully considered.