Diseases around the Adam’s apple | Adam’s apple

Diseases around the Adam’s apple

Diseases that can affect the larynx are, for example, malformations or tumours, such as cancer of the throat, a typical disease of smokers. In addition, the larynx can be inflamed, which occurs particularly when the airways are infected. The main symptom of a disease of the larynx is hoarseness.

But swallowing difficulties and shortness of breath can also indicate such a disease and should be clarified by an ear, nose and throat specialist. In children, a viral inflammation of the larynx, the so-called pseudocroup, must also be considered. The main symptom of pseudocroup is a barking and cramping cough, which occurs particularly in the evening and causes severe breathing difficulties when inhaled.

The Adam’s apple itself is extremely rarely affected by a disease. If there is a large swelling of the neck under the Adam’s apple, the possibility of a thyroid disease should always be considered. A thyroid goiter, for example, grows very slowly and is painless, which is why it is often discovered late.


The larynx can be examined very well with an endoscope, e.g. with a bronchoscope or a pharyngeal endoscope. These are devices with which one can look “around the corner” through the mouth into the throat from above onto the vocal folds via mirror optics or video recording. From the outside, the larynx can be examined by palpation, especially the Adam’s apple can be examined for pressure pain.

Feminization of the Adam’s apple (OP)

The Adam’s apple is differently pronounced in people. Some men have particularly prominent Adam’s apples, others have one that is barely visible. There are also women who have a very well visible Adam’s apple on their neck due to their hormone balance during puberty.

So there are a variety of sizes of Adam’s apples in both sexes. Since a particularly large and prominent Adam’s apple causes aesthetic problems for some people, there is now a surgical option to grind down the Adam’s apple and thus make the shape more feminine. This procedure is easy to perform, but can lead to a weakening of the structure of the larynx or permanently change the characteristics of the vocal cords. For this reason, a feminization operation (chondrolaryngoplasty) of the Adam’s apple should only be performed by an experienced surgeon and only if the patient’s level of suffering is particularly high.

Adam’s apple in women

The Adam’s apple is a protruding part of the thyroid cartilage that belongs to the larynx. It is present in men and women. However, the Adam’s apple develops depending on the hormone balance of the human body.

Since the “male hormone” testosterone ensures greater growth, the Adam’s apple is more pronounced in men than in women. However, there are also women in whom the Adam’s apple appears relatively large. This can be a normal variant or, in rare cases, it can be caused by hormonal imbalances.

In women, a large Adam’s apple can lead to aesthetic problems, as it appears too masculine. This can lead to a high degree of suffering. Women whose Adam’s apple seems too large to them can conceal it with some tricks.

For example, it can be concealed by a collar, a scarf or a neckerchief, or even by a beautiful necklace. Also with an open hairstyle you can distract from the neck. In some cases one can also consider a surgical reduction of the Adam’s apple (chondrolaryngoplasty), whereby the indication for surgery should be made very cautiously. The thyroid gland, which is located directly under the Adam’s apple, could also impress like a large Adam’s apple if enlarged and should be examined for differential diagnosis.